Torsion Springs

Ashfield Springs Ltd are the UK's leading torsion spring manufacturers and spring suppliers, all of which are manufactured to customer specification. 

We do not stock torsion springs due to the variety of different configurations available, but we have the capacity to manufacture torsion springs in a batch size of one, for sample approval or product development to production quantities of over one million.

Torsion springs can be manufactured from a variety of carbon spring steels, alloy steels and stainless steels in various grades with a plain, protective or decorative finish dependant on customer specification, environmental considerations and cost. 

We supply torsion springs which have been manufactured on the latest state of the spring forming machines, meaning if it's possible, then we can make it.

If you require any advice regarding spring design or require a quotation please don't hesitate to contact us, please send us the relevant drawings, samples or specification and benefit from a same day response, a competitive quotation and short lead times.

Technical Description

A torsion spring is a spring manufactured from circular, rectangular or square material which can be open or close coiled which offers resistance to a force applied around its longitude axis. 

A torsion spring can be manufactured with many different leg positions and end forms, coiled in either direction and are used for a variety of common products such as industrial doors, electrical equipment and white goods.

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