Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order charge?

We don't have a minimum order online but for telephone orders our minimum order is £10.00 excluding carriage and VAT.

Can I mix and match part numbers to make up the minimum order charge?

Yes no problem, as long as your total order is £10.00 excluding carriage and VAT.

What is the latest I can order to guarantee a next day delivery?

The latest you can order is 12:00 noon to guarantee a next day delivery.

Can I order from outside the UK?

Yes, you can but we would require you to contact us on +44 (0)1623 455500.

What does pull to pull length mean when choosing an extension spring?

The pull to pull length is the length measured from the inside of one hook or loop to the inside of the other. 

What is the maximum extension on an extension spring?

The maximum extension is the maximum amount of deflection on top of the free length in millimetres.

What is initial tension?

Initial tension is the force required to seperate the coils of a close coiled extension spring.

What is the spring rate?

Spring rate is the change in load per unit of deflection normally expressed as N/mm or LBS/IN.

Do you have a stainless steel stock range?

We do not stock stainless steel springs, our stock range is manufactured from carbon spring steel with a bright zinc and clear passivate finish. We can however offer a quotation to manufacture any spring from stainless, please contact us for information.

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