1983 Ashfield Springs Ltd is founded.

Terry Smith and Gordon Chatterton-Greenwood founded Ashfield Springs Ltd after they had gained many years experience working in the spring industry. The two partners were a perfect match, Terry had formidable business acumen and Gordon was one of the country's finest spring makers. They incorporated the company on April 1st 1983 and after months of manufacturing springs on a kitchen table they moved into a local authority start-up unit.

1988 We move into a purpose built facility.

In 1988 we commissioned a brand new purpose built factory in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. The factory was purposely designed and built to allow the optimum number of orders to flow seamlessly through all stages of production.  

1999 Ashfield Springs Ltd extend the facility to its current size.

It was apparent that in 1999 Ashfield Springs Ltd had out grown the current building and it was decided that we would extend the factory to it's current size.

2003 Achieved BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation.

In 2003 Ashfield Springs were pleased to announce that they had successfully gained BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation. It is the objective of the company to seek continual improvement in all aspects of service quality and to ensure that all contracts are completed to our customers’ specifications and on time.

2006 Ashfield Springs Ltd introduce a modern apprenticeship scheme.

With an increase in production capabilities and an expanding workforce it was decided to implement a modern apprenticeship. Investment in machinery and skills is focused upon improving our capacity, efficiency, and quality in the manufacture of compression springs.  

2010 Install FactoryMaster production control software.

In 2010 we installed FactoryMaster, which is a fully functional, flexible, manufacturing production planing control system. FactoryMaster has been geared towards improving processes, quality, productivity and allows us to access our data in real time due to the implementation of shop floor data capture.

2011 Commissioned three new CNC spring coilers.

In 2011 we purchased three new CNC compression spring coilers.

2012 Commissioned a new Latour wire forming machine.

In 2012 to meet the customer demands of a global automobile manufacture we purchased a new CNC wire-forming machine.

2012 Bryan Smith becomes the new Managing Director.

In this year the current Managing Director, Terry Smith decided to retire and the business was purchased by his son Bryan Smith who had worked within the company for 22 years.  

2012 Increased our capacity with a new Bobbio CNC 600 spring coiler.

In 2013 due to the increased demand for orders manufactured from wire sizes between 3mm and 6mm it was decided that we would invest in yet another Bobbio CNC spring coiler.

2013 Ashfield Springs Ltd invest in a new Dorn DR 450 V/E spring end grinder.

With the extra capacity created by the purchase of our new spring coiler it was inevitable that a bottle neck was created at the grinding department, to solve this problem we installed yet another Dorn DR 450 V/E spring end grinder.

2013 Ashfield Springs Ltd achieved BS EN ISO 14001.

In 2013 Ashfield Springs we were pleased to be awarded BS EN ISO 14001, this environmental certification shows that we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

2014 Invest in a new Dorn DR 450 V/E spring end grinder.

Due to an increase in production we installed another Dorn DR 450 V/E spring end grinder.

2015 Take delivery of a new Dorn DR 450 V/E and a Dorn DR 600/ED spring end grinder.

In 2015 we took delivery of two further spring Dorn end grinders to complement our already impressive grinding department.

2015 Launch new website.

In this year we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website which has been designed around the ever growing use of mobile phones and tablets to access the internet.

Ashfield Springs Ltd
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